Sunday, February 10, 2013

Midnight Releasing's Hayride Ready For DVD On May 7

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
There’s a line from director John Ford’s 1962 Western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance that goes pretty much like this: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”   That bit of frontier wisdom applies nicely to writer/director Terron R. Parsons’ Hayride, which has been set for a DVD release by Midnight Releasing … the delivery date is May 7.   

The legend in our little tale is that a deranged serial killer named Pitchfork is coming to get you.  It’s a campfire story … a spooky Halloween fable designed to give little kids nightmares.    

Also, if the true be known, it might just be a little self-promotion for the annual Haunted Hayride attraction run by a local entrepreneur named Morgan (Richard Tyson — Black Hawk Down, There's Something About Mary, etc.).  “Be careful, Pitchfork might get’ya!”   Like money in the bank … who doesn’t like to get a good jolt in the dark on Halloween?

That’s the legend, which is about to collide head-on with the reality of a serial killer named Guffin (played by Shannon Box), who has just escaped from custody during a routine transfer.   Big, insane and brutal.  

Into this mix comes Morgan’s nephew, Steven (Jeremy Ivy), a college student with his girlfriend Amanda (Sherri Eakin) in tow.  He knows the legend of Pitchfork all too well … his uncle would scare the stuffings out of him as a kid with images of the maniacal killer (he lived just down the road, you know), but what could possibly be the harm of taking the lovely Amanda out for a little jaunt through a dark cornfield on the Haunted Hayride?    

After all, Pitchfork isn’t real!   It’s a sexy thing to do!   But there is some breaking news for all involved, go ahead and tell that little Halloween fable to a couple of the local law enforcement boys doing a routine house-to-house search for Guffin.   They just got gutted and tossed into a pile of animal carcasses that this good ole’ boy has been snacking on.   Yummy … now it’s time for a hayride!

Bonus goodies on the DVD release of Hayride include commentary from filmmaker Terron R. Parsons.

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