Saturday, February 16, 2013

Magnolia Home Entertainment Has The ABC's Of Death Ready For May 21

There are times when you just spot something that catches your eye and you go, “Oh, wow, that’s interesting.”   To set up the “Oh, wow” of this piece, you have be something of a genre fan who has seen — and adores — those marvelous horror anthologies of Amicus Productions that were released during ‘60s and early ‘70s.   

Films like The House That Dripped Blood, Tales from the Crypt, Torture Garden and Asylum are the touchstones; the best examples for this segment of the horror film spectrum.   Each film contained three, four, sometimes five different stories that were all somehow interconnected.   

Now comes word that Magnolia Home Entertainment has the ultimate in horror anthologies planned for both Blu-ray and DVD on May 21.  This would be … a drum roll would be appropriate here … The ABC’s of Death.   Not three.  Not four or even five, but 26 horror tales (one for each letter of the alphabet) blended together in one motion picture (a theatrical push is planned for Mar. 8 to help raise awareness).

The ABC’s of Death has to be some sort of record.  Not only for the number of stories (each about death), but for the number of directors and writers recruited for just one film. 

As a theatrical experience (clocking in at 123 minutes), The ABC’s of Death might be a bit overwhelming, but on either Blu-ray or DVD there is that wonderful viewing option of being able to pick and choose the letter of the alphabet that pleases you … from A (Apocalypse) to B (Bigfoot) … and all the way to X (XXL), Y (Youngbuck) and Z (Zetsumetsu).

Bonus features include commentary options for each of the A through Z short films, plus several of the filmmakers have submitted behind-the-scenes of making-of featurettes.  Exclusive to the Blu-ray SKU are additional short films that were submitted, but didn't make the final cut. 

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