Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Millennium Entertainment's Spiders Invade On Mar. 12

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
For genre fans the name Tibor Takács is well-known and synonymous with horror and above all, the creepy crawly!   Mutant rats, mosquitos run amok, giant snakes, demons unleashed from hell itself and giant creatures from the sea … all have been fair game for Takács over the years.   

About the only homage to ‘50s sci-fi creature features that he has tackled yet is something with a giant mechanical beast … give him time, you can see it now: The Revenge of Kronos!
Word arrived this week that Millennium Entertainment has tabbed Mar. 12 as the DVD and Blu-ray (3D/2D viewing options) for his latest rampage, Spiders!

Harken back to the days when Leo G. Carroll was busy at work in the desert creating a giant tarantula in director Jack Arnold’s 1955 chiller, Tarantula,   It was all with good intentions of course — as part of an experiment to increase the food supply of the planet (tasty spider tidbits ... hmmmmm, yummy).   This noble work all went to hell when the beast got loose.

Apparently, the Russians are up to something out there in space.  Using the weightless environment to genetically tinker with this or that — all with good intensions of course!   In any case, the space lab that was the focal point for this highly suspect bit of arachnid experimentation is in meltdown mode with the creatures running loose.   

The good news is that they are quarantined out there in space and the food supply is all but exhausted (that would be the crew).  The bad news is that this drifting hunk of space junk got clobbered by a decent-sized meteorite and the remnants are heading for a splashdown in New York City.

There is one sure way to get New Yorkers really ticked off … tell’em that subway is a mess and that there will be delays.   That’s the dirty job that falls to a transit supervisor named Jason Cole (Patrick Muldoon — Starship Troopers, Arrival II … plus Takács’ Ice Spiders in 2007), who draws the seemingly routine assignment of figuring out what just smacked into BMT Broadway Line and is jamming things up.

In one of those “small world” coincidences, Jason’s estranged wife (Christa Campbell) shows up from the health department and gums up the works.   Discoveries are made and before long all hell breaks loose, but help from the military seems to be counterproductive (and with a good reason).   

It’s left to this bickering couple to fend off the invasion — save their daughter in the process — and get things back to normal as quickly as possible.   Best of luck with that!

Spiders delivers, there are some nice jolts here and there and the other-world beasties live up to their billing (and in 3D too boot).   Millennium will have fun with this one!

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