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Ariztical Entertainment's D'Agostino On DVD and Blu-ray, Apr. 23

-->On Apr. 23, Ariztical Entertainment will serve up DVD and Blu-ray editions of actor/writer, producer and director Jorge Ameer’s D'Agostino.   Ameer delivers a multi-genre film presentation that is an erotic and challenging sci-fi flick wrapped in a mystery with personal, even sexual awakenings.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Allan Dawson (Keith Roenke) is a top executive, rich beyond avarice with a beautiful lover named Sylvia (Torie Tyson).  With wealth, power and the trappings of sexual conquest, outwardly you would think that he’d be one happy man, but he finds none of it to be satisfying.   Bored and detached.

The opportunity to get away from it all comes quite unexpectedly when his grandmother passes and he is left with a small island estate in picturesque Greece.   With the pretense of heading off to investigate his inheritance — leaving Sylvia behind (he’s got to figure out a way to get out of that relationship) — he packs up and jets off to his hoped-to-be island paradise (filmed in around Santorini).

That’s Jorge Ameer’s set up for D'Agostino.   Basically you’ve got some wealthy, bored business executive who just wants to be alone for a few days to plan his next moves.   From this starting point the film could go off in any one of a number of different directions.

The path that the filmmaker takes us down is totally unexpected.   Once Allan arrives at the estate, he discovers a naked, perhaps even feral man cowering in a locked room.   It is a mystery how he got there, but it is D'Agostino (Michael Angels) of the film’s title … and if that isn’t weird enough, his presence (existence) there becomes even stranger.

It turns out that he is a cloned human being, who has been kept in isolation over the years (fed and kept healthy) and was in the process of being shipped (via sea) to the United States to be harvested for fresh body parts.   He somehow washed ashore and found his way into the empty dwelling.  

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Keith Roenke and Michael Angels star in D'Agostino
For an individual bored with just about everything, this new “pet” is just too tantalizing to pass up — it is an opportunity for Allan to find himself.   He cleans him up, nicknames the man Diablo and soon develops a relationship with the clone as he abandons the trappings of wealth, power and the limitations that society places upon “responsible” people as he starts to live out his own fantasies.   

Allan can “mold” this “friend” into anything he likes.  It is a blank slate (not another human being, but an It)!   His training as a ruthless, even morally indifferent business executive is both his fall back position for creating Diablo into his own image … and his ultimate undoing.

As to bonus goodies, the DVD SKU contains 30 minutes worth of unspecified material, while the Blu-ray edition doubles up on that with a full 60 minutes of bonus materials (featurettes, interviews, outtakes, etc.).

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