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Well Go U.S.A.'s Not Suitable For Children Debuts Apr. 16

DVD± & Blu-ray Release Report
Well Go U.S.A. has gone to the land Down Under for the Apr. 16 DVD and Blu-ray release of writer/director Peter Templeton’s delightful “romantic” comedy, Not Suitable For Children, starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten.

Templeton’s film comes as something of a pleasant surprise from a country noted for its horror, action and dramatic films.   They make some of the best in the world, but romantic comedy is not really the country’s long suit — filmmaker P.J. Hogan’s Muriel’s Wedding being a wonderful example of what they can do when they put their hearts in it (it was sweet, fun and at times very dark).   

There are others, sure, but you get the drift.

A few quick words about filmmaker Peter Templeton — before we dive into the merits of the Not Suitable For Children arrival in the domestic home entertainment market — he has done quite a bit of Aussie TV (stuff that Yanks have probably never heard of), but is most noted for his early short films, including The Saviour, which was nominated for an Oscar back in 2005.  

Not Suitable For Children marks his first full-length feature film and he absolutely knocks it out of the park — or, would that be he strikes it off the pitch?

Kwanten plays Jonah, a twenty-something bachelor with a reputation of partying hardy every weekend — he’s actually managed to turn it into something of a business.  He’s a lady’s man, ready to swing, even if the name of his latest shag becomes a bit elusive in the fog of alcohol and noise of the night.   You get the picture early on that he loves to play, party and have love-and-leave’em sex with the babes (who are more than willing).  

Now comes the hook.   His latest “conquest” notes that he has a “you’ve got a lump sort of thing” there … which leads to a quick check up at the doctor (Lewis Fitz-Gerald — Breaker Morant), who informs Jonah that he’s got testicular cancer, but he’s caught in time.   After the surgery he’ll still be able to party (you only need one), but with the therapy associated with the surgery and the after-treatment he will, sorry to say, be sterile.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report

Three weeks, four tops, before the end comes to his baby-making opportunities.   That is all the time he has to go through his long list of “relationships” to find a willing partner so that he can become a dad before … snip, snip, snip!  

His flatmates (and business partners) — Stevie (Sarah Snook — Sisters of War) and Gus (Ryan Corr) — offer to help (lots of suggestions), but as the endless encounters (proposals; offers; suggestions) wear on, it begins to look as if it is a hopeless (and very funny) fatherhood quest for Jonah.   Perhaps, just perhaps, the answer is staring him right in the face!

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