Friday, February 22, 2013

Angels Around Me From Green Apple Entertainment On Apr. 16

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Green Apple Entertainment has tabbed Apr. 16 as the DVD debut date for writer/director (actor and producer) Stephen “Stix” Josey’s crime drama with a message, Angels Around Me.   The film worked the festival circuit last year, including a rollout at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in June.

On the surface, Angels Around Me would appear to be a turf war story very much in the spirit of a Goodfellas or New Jack City.  It certainly has all of the trappings. 

Boston crime lord Big D (Scott Neufville — Pain, Love & Passion, The Last Shot, etc.) is facing mounting pressures from an up and coming “made man” (with Miami connections) named Tony (played ruthlessly by Anthony Menounos).   His nightclub serves as the front for his ever-growing criminal operation … he’s young and ambitious and wants to (or is it needs to) make a name for himself; Big D is in his crosshairs.  

Angels Around Me can be enjoyed on that level — as a straight action film.  Action fans can certainly sink their teeth into a story that pits rival mobs — and their street soldiers — against each other in a life and death struggle (filmed in and around Boston to great effect).  As a bonus it has a hard-driving soundtrack that punctuates the action.

Big D (Scott Neufville) and his crew take care of some business in Green Apple's Apr. 16 DVD debut of Angels Around Me.
However, there is more going on here as Big D’s would-be bodyguards — Mark Hayes (Derrick Hammond) and John Baker (Stephen Josey — long-time music producer and composer-turned-filmmaker) — have another, far more important, mission on their plate than just keeping Big D’s rivals from taking him out.  

Not all is as it seems.  Good, evil … it comes in many forms.   Even the local police work at cross-purposes; trust here comes at a premium. 

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