Monday, June 20, 2016

108 Media Teams With MVD Entertainment Group For The July 12 DVD Debut Of Director Jonas Odenheimer’s Classroom 6

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Classroom 6, Ralph Tribbey
School is out on July 12 for reporter Annie Monroe and her film crew!   That’s when 108 Media Corporation will be teaming up with MVD Entertainment Group for the DVD debut of director Jonas Odenheimer’s Classroom 6.

Perky local TV news reporter, Annie Monroe (played by Valentina Kolaric, who is making her feature film debut here), is on assignment with her crew for one of those filler pieces that takes up a couple of minutes of air time on the local news, but will take all night to shoot.  

Now genre fans will immediately recognize this plot device of Annie with a film crew being the “victim” pool … and the way filmmaker Jonas Odenheimer has structured the film, we know from the outset that they are indeed just that, THE VICTIM POOL!!!

The assignment is to do a piece on the anniversary of a stranger-than-strange event that took place at the local college where an instructor and student mysteriously vanished from classroom number six.   Gone!  Vanished!   Never seen again!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Classroom 6, Ralph Tribbey
The plan — which in retrospect seems poorly thought out (hence: victim pool) — is to get locked inside the aforementioned classroom overnight and film anything strange that might happen.   

Off course they all think that it’s a joke, but then you need some local interest filler on the news to keep viewers interested so you go along with the plan.   But once locked in, with no way to escape or call for help, they quickly find that the joke is on them!!!  

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