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Breaking Glass Pictures' Silver Case Ready For DVD On May 7

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
When Eric Roberts is on and cast in the right film he can be mesmerizing.   He can be a sociopath, a ruthless villain, a charmer, an unlikely action hero, a thug or an ordinary Joe … he has the range and the style to pull it off.

In writer/director Christian Filippella’s Silver Case, due out on DVD from Breaking Glass Pictures on May 7, he plays a ruthless Hollywood producer (think: sociopath; charmer; slick) known simply as The Senator.   He’s good … you believe.

The indie gem worked the festival circuit throughout 2012 and scored one win after another — wins at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, L.A. Indies Awards and more (it’s an impressive list; a long list). 

Silver Case is a biting satire on the ins, outs and often illogical reasoning behind Hollywood’s rationale for the films that get produced (and what goes into the process).  It is a business that operates by its own set of rules … as we soon discover.  
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Eric Roberts stars as The Senator in Silver Case.

Events are set in motion when The Senator, operating from his posh digs, unleashes a plan to destroy an up-and-coming rival who has been crowned The Master (Brad Light).  The MacGuffin for his plan is a locked metal briefcase, silver in color, with lettering on the handle that reads “Do Not Open”  — it will be delivered to The Master and that will be that.  

So what’s in the briefcase; this Pandora’s Box of personal destruction?   Documents that will destroy The Master; perhaps a bomb; a peace offering; a script; body parts … it doesn’t matter.  Before Roberts can put his plan into motion the briefcase gets sidetracked and falls into the hands of two incompetent would be-goodfellas, Caesar (Chris Facey) and Barabba (Brian Keith Gamble) … they dress the part, lack the skills (and judging from their wheels, the resources), but make up for their short comings with an unreasoning tenacity.

They are like junior versions of Vincent and Jules, who have no idea what they’ve got a hold of, but soon learn that people are getting killed (Hollywood can be a dog-eat-dog kind of town) and as the pursuit for the briefcase escalates they know that they’ve got a tiger by the tail that they can’t let go of without being consumed by it all.  You can’t help but root for them.

Chris Facey and Brian Keith Gamble
Silver Case is a fun film that takes it shots at Hollywood with delight (and its often cardboard and insecure denizens) … a comedy noir with an edge.

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