Sunday, March 3, 2013

May 21 For The DVD Debut Of FilmWorks Entertainment's Pendejo

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Writer/director Jairaj Walia’s Pendejo, a romantic comedy about a prince who becomes a frog, falls in love and grows into a man will be heading to DVD on May 21 from FilmWorks Entertainment.

Jai or just “J” (Raja Fenske — as Jake in the Unfabulous television sitcom) is a party boy.   College educated, unmotivated and always ready to have a good time.   Mix together the sex and the alcohol, the flashy car and a seemingly endless supply of money and any day of the week can become a holiday.

That all comes to an end when his father (Laksh Singh), a self-made man and the source of Jai’s “allowance,” says that enough is enough.   He lays down the law … you will work in the family business or lose it all!  

No problem, a corner office, an expense account and long lunches is how he sees it … sure pops count me in, I’ll start tomorrow!   So you can imagine that it comes as quite the shock to Jai when he discovers that his father is no fool and that his permanent position in the company (until he proves himself) is that of assistant janitor.

Pepe (Eduardo Antonio Garcia) shows Jai (Raja Fenske) the ropes in FilmWorks Entertainment's Pendejo
It’s no secret who this new “employee” is and the company manager (played by Darlene Vazquetelles) has been given her marching orders when it comes to dealing with him … no favors, he works, pulls his weight or he is gone!   

Of course Jai bolts at having to take orders from Pepe (Eduardo Antonio Garcia), a man who takes great glee in his new-found source of corporate power by teaching his new assistant some conversational Spanish (a running joke) to help him with his chores around the office.  

The reality of it all begins to sink in when his father tosses him out for walking off the job (no car, no money … just the clothes on his back).  So tail between his legs — coupled with a bad night’s sleep on the floor of his friend’s garage — has him back with mop in hand asking for a second chance.

Of course Pendejo is a romantic comedy, not a depressing story about father/son conflict and endless days sweeping floors, cleaning toilets and being the butt of Pepe’s jokes.    

A trip to Jenny's home to meet her father (Danny Trejo)
The romance comes in the form of Jenny (Fernanda Romero — Silver Case, Mission Park, etc.), the company receptionist (at first dismissed by Jai) who befriends him.   Her sweetness, kindness and loving nature becomes the counterpoint to all of the relationships that he’s known to date … it is a real eye-opener for him; a life-changer.

But the REAL eye-opener comes when he is invited home to meet her parents.   In a brilliant bit of counter-casting, screen tough guy Danny Trejo plays her father and Jai quickly learns that staying in his good graces could be the key to his survival.

Pendejo is a fun romp, with cast members Raja Fenske and Fernada Romero hitting just the right notes.  Bonus features include a blooper reel, a photo gallery and interviews with the cast.

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