Thursday, March 7, 2013

June 4 For The Home Sweet Home DVD Debut From Image Entertainment

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
It’s Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs with a twist.  That is what will be coming from Image Entertainment on June 4 when Director John KD Graham’s Home Sweet Home makes its DVD debut.

Before we get to the “twist,” let’s just say up front that we know Raquel Cantu is an actress (making her film debut here), but if you didn’t know otherwise you would have to think that Graham had had an in with the local nut house when casting his film.    

“Can we get a work-furlough for THAT one,” as he gestures towards the little blonde over in the corner — likely in a straight jacket, or at least heavily medicated.

She plays Kristi, who is just about five cans short of a six-pack in Home Sweet Home.  Think along the lines of Mallory (Juliette Lewis) in Natural Born Killers and you’ll get the picture … the full picture of just what this lovely little woman is capable of comes in many forms throughout Home Sweet Home (hell of a film debut).

DVD and Blu-ray Release Report
Kristi (Raquel Cantu) on the prowl in Image Entertainment's Home Sweet Home
As for our story — the one with the “twist” — Gwen (Alexandra Boylan — The Hitchhiker, Bellflower, etc.) has gone belly-up financially and has pretty much run out of options.   She strikes a deal with her brother to return to the family digs (filmed in around picturesque La Luz and Alamogordo in the southern part of New Mexico), spruce it up (mom and dad are deceased) and sell it off.   It should be just enough to get her a fresh start.

There is just one little problem, Kristi and her boyfriend Van (Christopher Demsey) are on the run from the law and have stubbled upon the remote ranch-style home — which Kristi “just loves” by the way — and take up residence.   

Through a series of events, including the unfortunate timing and help from family and friends (we need victims if Kristi is to show off), Gwen finds herself cutoff, alone and forced to do a “home invasion” of her own if she is to survive her encounter with Van and Kristi.   

DVD and Blu-ray Release Report
Gwen (Alexandra Boylan) is the "good guy" with an axe!
Axes, shotguns … it’s a hell of show, the only thing that is missing is the bear trap.     

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