Friday, March 8, 2013

The Victorville Massacre From Indican Pictures On May 7

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Victorville, it’s that desert community that most breeze past at 70MPH (or faster) on their way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (and back again).   Filmmaker Jack Arnold did a fly over for the opening sequence from his 1953 sci-fi chiller It Came From Outer Space … other filmmakers have used the surrounding desert for mood, locations showing desolation and so on.

The point is, not much happens there.   Little rain, mild winters (except for those bone-chilling desert nights) and hot summers.   It’s the desert, but it has a water source from the drainage of the nearby San Bernardino mountain range … people go there to get away from Los Angeles; it’s quiet.

That is until now.   It’s the Labor Day weekend and in writer/director Riley Wood’s The Victorville Massacre — due out on DVD from Indican Pictures on May 7 — we learn that the local police have a problem.   There is a serial killer on the prowl in the quiet neighborhoods of this sprawling desert oasis.   

The streets have become a hunting ground … locals have either gone missing or been found murdered and the chief of police (Frank Piciullo) is concerned that the killer might just be getting started.

Against this backdrop of terror, we find that nine of the locals (alert: the victim pool) are going to have a weekend blast.  Five are attractive beauties (alert: a necessity for any good slasher flick), Mary (Briana Baker), Lane (Lisa Lane), Ria (Susannah Hart Jones), Lisa (Jen Nikolaus) and Stephanie (Sonja O’Hara) and their four more-than-eager male companions share a history; they are friends … it will be good times with plenty of alcohol and many (hopeful) sexual encounters.

Of course, in any genre film titled The Victorville Massacre, it is only a matter of time before the serial killer comes knocking as an uninvited guest.   But has filmmaker Riley Wood thrown a curve our way?   Are these victims with a purpose and is the killer actually on the guest list?   

There are lots of twists and turns in The Victorville Massacre.  The blood flows freely and you’ll have to wait until the final act to see if the last man — or, perhaps, woman — standing is the one the chief is actually looking for.   Or, maybe it is just a disgruntled gambler on the way back from Vegas with anger issues!

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