Monday, March 4, 2013

Virgil Films & Entertainment's DVD debut of Dorfman In Love On May 28

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Virgil Films & Entertainment will capture romantic magic on May 28 with the DVD debut of director Brad Leong’s Dorfman in Love.   

A major metro theatrical push is planned for Mar. 22 to raise awareness and add to the critical reviews already garnered by the film’s year-long film festival run, which included four Best Feature wins (and more).

Sara Rue (A Slipping-Down Life, Pearl Harbor, plus such sitcoms as Less Than Perfect and Rules of Engagement) shines as Deb Dorfman, a twenty-something single woman living in Los Angeles and would-be babysitter to her eccentric and widowed father (played by Eliot Gould).   

It’s clever how Leong sets up the obviously attractive Rue as something of a schlub — a milktoast accountant working for her brother (Jonathan Chase), who doubles-down on the guilt their father already lays on her.   She secretly pines for her brother’s best friend, Jay (Johann Urb — he co-starred with Rue in the short-lived Eastwick television series, plus such films as Resident Evil: Retribution, 2012, etc.), but he has her firmly planted in the “friend” zone in terms of their relationship.

So much so that he asks her to take care of his cat while he is out of town for a week.  In her plain vanilla world, she sees that invitation as the a twofold opportunity — one, get away from dad for a week; two, impress Jay with how well she takes care of his place … of course he will immediately fall in love with her.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report

It’s a good plan.  As plans of the heart go.  There are just two little problems that send everything spinning out of control.   She meets Cookie (Haaz Sleiman — The Visitor), one of Jay’s neighbors, who is completely not her type and dad is too lonely to be without her, so he moves in.  

She also makes other friends — new, unexpected, friends and an amazing transformation begins to take place.   This Cinderella finds the glass slipper (figuratively speaking) and the fancy “dress ball” comes in the form of a romantic showdown in the film’s cleverly spun third act finale.

Virgil Films has a gem here and that theatrical showcase in March can only add to its luster.

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