Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kino Lorber Announces September 2013 DVD And Blu-ray Release Calendar

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Kino Lorber announced its Sept. Blu-ray and DVD product line-up this past week.   We can report that there is something on the calendar for everyone (all four street-date Tuesdays during the month are booked).

Of particular interest is the Sept. 10 DVD and Blu-ray release of Kevin Smith’s experimental comedy film production, Drawing Flies: Anniversary Edition, as helmed by the filmmaking team of Malcolm Ingram and Matt Gissing.

As legend has it, during the filming of Mallrats Smith hooked up with Ingram and Gissing and they decided to do an indie film — as if Mallrats wasn’t indie enough at the time.

What they came up with was Drawing Flies, a stoner/slacker adventure film, starring Jason Lee (Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Almost Famous, etc.) as Donner, the ultimate slacker who finally is cutoff from welfare and hauls his friends (Mallrats alumni —Jason Mewes and Renee Humphrey, plus Carmen Llywellyn and Martin Brooks) out into the wilds of British Columbia to live at his grandfather’s cabin (or so he says).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
With little planning they eventually get hopelessly lost in the woods and it is about that time that Donner reveals his true mission … the search for Big Foot!

Newly transferred from the original film elements, bonus goodies on Drawing Flies: Anniversary Edition include vintage commentary from Malcolm Ingram, Matt Gissing, Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Renee Humphrey, and Carmen Lee, plus a blooper reel, deleted scenes, a photo gallery and a newly prepared interview with Jason Mewes and a featurette with co-director Matt Gissing.

Getting both Blu-ray and DVD SKUs on Sept. 3 are two vintage Mario Bava films, 5 Dolls For an August Moon: Remastered Edition (English-dubbed) and A Bay of Blood: Remastered Edition (English dubbed theatrical version and an alternate Italian-language presentation).   Tim Lucas provides commentary on A Bay of Blood (which is also know as Twitch of the Death Nerve).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyOn the classic horror release front, Sept. 17 will be the street date for Blu-ray and DVD editions of 1942 Bela Lugosi gem, The Devil Bat: Remastered Edition.  Film historian Richard Harland Smith provides commentary.

On the DVD release front, Sept. 3 is the street date for Chilean filmmaker Andrés Wood’s Sundance Film Festival winner (2012), Violeta Went to Heaven, a dramatic biopic about the life and times of composer and singer Violeta Parra (played by Francisca Gavilán).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyThe ARR is 158 days and the limited arthouse run generated ticket sales of $21,289).

Not to be overlooked on Sept. 24 is the DVD debut of director Michael Urie’s cinéma vérité comedy, He’s Way More Famous Than You, starring Halley Feiffer as Halley Feiffer, a struggling actress who has a career crisis.

Her solution is to make her own movie and load it up with as many “stars” as she can coerce, cajole or ambush into being into her film … things, obviously, don’t work out exactly as planned in her bid for stardom!

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