Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scavengers From Image Entertainment Ready For Action On Sept. 3

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Image Entertainment has targeted Sept. 3 as the DVD rollout date for director Travis Zariwny’s futuristic interstellar thriller, Scavengers.

It is a sci-fi thriller, but Scavengers’ roots are clearly grounded in the swashbuckler pirate adventures of yesteryear … futuristic weapons instead of swords; star ships for sailing ships!   Aye matey!

Sean Patrick Flanery is the super villain Captain Jekel, a space “scavenger” (read that as: yes, a pirate), who will stop at nothing to retrieve an alien device known as the “Chaos Generator” — a life-altering thingamajig that serves no useful purpose … evil is as evil does; power for power’s sake.

Now our boy Jekel is not alone out there at the far reaches of the universe.  The starship Revelator, with Emerson (Louise Linton — Lions for Lambs, William and Kate, etc.) in command, is the only force that stands in the way of Jekel’s anarchistic plans.   Good guys vs bad guys in the classic sense … only, as they said in Alien, in space no one can hear you say, “avast me hearty.” 

In no time the battle is at hand with literally the fate of the known universe hanging in the balance … no word on bonus features at this time.

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