Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Filmmakers Shauna MacDonald And Kate Johnston’s Award-Winning Tru Love Heads To DVD On Nov. 4 Courtesy Of Wolfe

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
An unlikely May/September romance blooms in Wolfe’s Nov. 4 DVD debut of filmmakers Shauna MacDonald (who also stars) and Kate Johnston’s award-winning romantic drama, Tru Love.

Tru, short for Gertrude (Shauna MacDonald — Hemlock Grove, Paradise Falls, etc.), disdains relationships, and, for that matter long-term commitments to anything, including anything that might resemble a career.   Filmmakers MacDonald and Johnston are blunt about Tru’s nature … “She’s a bed-hopping lesbian.”   There’s no sugar-coating it.  She’s a user; user of people.

Beautiful; outwardly beautiful that is, Tru is damaged goods on the inside … alone, needy.   When she meets Alice (Kate Trotter — Beyond Borders, Upside Down) it is literally love at first sight.   Her world-outlook will change as a result of this epiphany, right?   Well … there are just a couple of little issues that might be tough to overcome.

First, Alice is old enough to be her mother.   Second, Tru’s friend, Suzanne (Christine Horne) is Alice’s daughter (sure enough, she is old enough to be Tru’s mother) … and Suzanne knows full-well what a trophy-collecting “harlot” Tru is.   So seeing her widowed mother being “seduced” by her does not sit well at all.

On the surface it would seem that Tru is bored, Alice is vulnerable and so why not have just a little bit of fun.  It is, after all, her nature.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

The surface glimmer can be deceiving as this bittersweet May/September relationship develops in both sweet and unexpected ways.   For Tru it is a life-shaping experience and for Alice it is so much more!

Bonus features include deleted scenes and the short film titled Stormcloud (written and directed by Kate Johnston).

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