Sunday, April 24, 2016

Unearthed Films And MVD Entertainment Group Team For The May 10 DVD Launch Of Director Kurtis Spieler’s Sheep Skin

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Sheep Skin, Ralph Tribbey
Unearthed Films, with sales and distribution supported provided by MVD Entertainment Group, has tabbed May 10 for the DVD debut of writer/director Kurtis Spieler’s Sheep Skin.

You’ve likely heard the expression, “he’s got a tiger by the tail.”   That’s pretty much the position that Nathan (Michael Schantz) has put himself in when he convinces his band (a punk rock band at that) to kidnap a philandering businessman named Todd (Laurence Mullaney).

It seems that Nathan’s sister was literally ripped to shreds “by a bear” (or some other large animal), so say the police.   She’s not the only one … and these violent crimes have all taken place during the phase of the full moon.

There’s one other thing that might, just might, connect these grisly murders together.   And that brings us back to Nathan, who thinks that Todd was hitting on his sister and at least one or more of the other victims as well.   He’s married, but Todd likes to play around and that’s the honey trap that Nathan sets for him.

Perhaps Nathan has seen one too many horror films.  Or, perhaps one too many head-banging, rock-all-night sessions has clouded his judgment, but when he adds dead sister (ripped to pieces), full moon and a sexual predator together he comes up with: WEREWOLF!   Todd’s got to be a werewolf!
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Sheep Skin, Ralph Tribbey 
A lonely basement, Todd tied to a chair and Nathan and his band mates are ready to pound a confession out of him.   Filmmaker Kurtis Spieler flushes out his 2007 short film of the same name with this mix of part crime thriller and twisted tale of horror.   Once they’ve kidnapped Todd is there a way out that doesn’t involve going to jail for kidnapping, killing Todd … or, being ripped to shreds “by a bear” (or some other large animal)?

Bonus features for Sheep Skin include commentary from writer/director Kurtis Spieler, deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes featurette, the short film Sheep Skin and two viewing options for the film — black and white or color.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Sheep Skin, Ralph Tribbey

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