Sunday, July 31, 2016

MVD Entertainment Group Tabs Dec. 13 For The DVD Debut Of Director John Stuart Wildman’s The Ladies of the House

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ladies of the House, Ralph Tribbey
MVD Entertainment Group will be guiding the Stripped Movie, LLC production of director John Stuart Wildman’s wickedly twisted horror tale, The Ladies of the House, to the DVD arena on Dec. 13.

Serial killers, cannibals, pole dancers, a plot with a very clever twist and one of the best set designs for an indie film that’s been seen in quite some time, those are just a few of the selling points for The Ladies of the House.

First impressions can be deceiving and that is certainly true here.  We begin at a strip club, where Jacob (Gabriel Horn) and his buddy Derek (Samrat Chakrabarti) have taken Jabob’s brother, Kai (RJ Hanson), who is something of a gentle giant and just a tad on the slow side, to celebrate his birthday.

After a few drinks, Derek, who is more or less a bully, convinces the dimwitted Kai that girls — in this case, a pole dancer named Ginger (Michelle Sinclair, aka: adult film star Belladona) — who work at strip clubs like to have their customers follow them home so that they can have sex in private.   

So what we’ve got going here is the makings of a stalker/rape movie when Kai and his “escorts” do just that … and follow Ginger home.   Kai is a little overwhelmed by Ginger’s initial reaction to having him on her doorstep, he panics … and then kills her.   Her behavior becomes clear after the fact.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ladies of the House, Ralph Tribbey

It is at this point that everything you are expecting to happen goes right out the window!   You are thinking, they’ll dispose of the body, cover their tracks and the rest of the movie will be a cat-and-mouse game of whether their crime is uncovered, solved or revenged. 
Before they can make their getaway, Ginger’s roommates arrive home, Jacob and Derek find hiding places and poor Kai is confronted by Getty (Melodie Sisk), Lin (Farah White) and “baby” Crystal (Brina Palecia), who don’t seem all that upset that poor Ginger is dead.   Once he is lured back inside the payoff begins!

Hauling his dead carcass off the street would be a lot of work — the “ladies” see him as rump roast for a month — so they let him do the heavy lifting by walking under his own power back to the kitchen, where he is promptly dispatched with a butcher knife.   He will end up as tasty morsels in the freezer in no time.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ladies of the House, Ralph Tribbey
You see, these “ladies” are cannibals and Ginger was just doing her job of bringing dinner home.   And although Jacob and Derek are trying their best to hide, this will be to no avail, as these hungry felines will eventually catch the “mice.”   Derek gets a taste — perhaps a poor choice of words, “taste,” in a cannibal movie — of his own medicine, while Crystal takes a fetish liking to Jacob (children are often reminded not to play with their food).

All of this plays out in a house that is a “character” in its own right.   Imagine something along the lines of neon goth meets ‘50s modern — set decoration was handled by Winona Yu (she consulted on vintage set decoration for the 11.22.63 mini-series, plus her work can be seen in such films as Secrets of a Psychopath, Daylight's End and Windsor) and Adam Dietrich (a man with many talents, including acting and producing) was in charge of production design. 
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ladies of the House, Ralph Tribbey

Wildman’s The Ladies of the House is a real horror treat (can you say “treat” when referring to a movie populated by lesbian cannibals?) that easily transcends your typical homage to Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre — it colors (in a deep red) well outside the lines!


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