Friday, April 5, 2013

Universal Studios Home Entertainment's Identity Thief Arrives On June 4

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Think about all of those monster budget CGI films that the studios trot out each year.   Big budget, high risk and loaded with noise and special effects.   They need to gross something like $200 million just to break even … it’s all about a bankrupt mindset that says bigger, louder and mind-numbing is better.  The actual story be damned.

So it always comes as a pleasant, even gleeful surprise, when a straight-forward two-person comedy (which is basically a couple of talented actors playing off of each other) scores mega bucks at the box office.   There is a God … and despite all the despair, God has a sense of humor.

So when Universal Studios tallies up the box office take for director Seth Gordon’s Identity Thief, the little bean counters have to have a mighty big grin on their face.  $130 million in domestic ticket sales for what amounts to a well-played; well-produced MOW.  It’s a sitcom pilot … but it is sooooo sweet.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has targeted June 4 as the street date for DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack (with UltraViolet) editions of this Jason Bateman/Melissa McCarthy bust-a-gut comedy … the ARR comes in at 116 days.

Bonus features include a gag reel, alternate takes and three featurettes — “The Making of Identity Thief,” “Scene Stealing: Capturing the Humor of Identity Thief” and “The Skiptracer's Van.”

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