Monday, January 11, 2016

Wild Eye Releasing's DVD Debut Of Writer/Director Jason Hawkins' The Devil Knows His Own Will Take Place On Mar. 8

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Writer/director Jason Hawkins, who gave us All American Bully and Finding Oblivion (among others), will see his 2013 film, The Devil Knows His Own, make its way to DVD on Mar. 8 courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.

The Devil Knows His Own is a well-crafted haunted house thriller that is packed with jolts … the kind generated by mood, suggestions and settings, rather than by “things” jumping out of the shadows.

Their grandmother was a monster, there’s no getting around that.   Siblings Jessica (Dara Davey — a Hawkins’ regular, having starred in both All American Bully and Finding Oblivion) and Ethan (Patrick D. Green — Forgotten Hero) grew up in her house, which was pretty much like living in the lair of a deranged predator.   She did unspeakable things to little Jessica (sexual in nature) and Ethan, among other things, was tortured with a hot poker … and both were forced to wear masks in her presence.   Monster, yes monster!

Well the good news is that granny is dead and the two, along with their respective partners, have inherited the place and have arrived back there for something of a family reunion 20 long years after their last visit to this nightmare land of their childhood.  They are there to claim this rather dubious inheritance — the land, the house … everything (and that’s the scary part).   
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Jessica is gay and has married her partner, Lacy (Natasha Timpani — Finding Oblivion), while Ethan is a recovering drug addict who has the lovely Melanie (Alicia Rose — yes another regular from Jason Hawkins’ All American Bully and Finding Oblivion) in tow, a young woman with a similar affliction. 

The Devil Knows His Own is a turning of the screws horror flick … granny is dead, but the quartet soon discover that a presence, perhaps her spirit, remains and that those horrors of the past have now arrived back with them full circle.   Hide you eyes!

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