Tuesday, January 11, 2022

AGFA's Blu-ray Double Feature On Feb. 22 Teams Honeymoon Of Terror With Monsters Of Camp Sunshine


The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) has a double feature of jaw-dropping delights from the 1960s that are arriving for the first time on Blu-ray this coming Feb. 22.

First up is writer/director Peter Perry’s January of 1961 horror indie, Honeymoon of Terror, a film so obscure that even Brian Albright’s insightful 2012 encyclopedia of indie horror and sci-fi productions, “Regional Horror Films, 1958-1990,” failed to capture it (and there are some really lost and obscure films covered in that tome).

Frank (Doug Leith) and Marion (Dwan Marlow) are on their honeymoon, but Las Vegas proves to be a downer, too commercial, so they find the nearby deserted Thunder Island (Lake Mead? … only Peter Perry knows, but it is doubtful with that scenery) and decide to set up camp there instead.  There’s just one little problem, Frank neglected to bring any supplies, so he leaves his lovely bride behind to enjoy some nude bathing and soak in some sun.

When he arrives at civilization to stock up on the necessities, the locals tell him of the legend of the Ridge Runner, a deformed maniac who rapes and kills women.   Good grief, Frank has left his trophy bride on a deserted island that is home to this serial killer … hurry Frank, hurry!!


You are worried, will Marion be the next victim?   Not to fear, she is handy with a knife!!

Teamed with Honeymoon of Terror is an even more obscure film, this would be writer/director Ferenc Leroget’s 1964 film release of Monster of Camp Sunshine, a tale of chain-smoking naked beauties — who loath sunscreen while basking in the sun — at Camp Sunshine, a clothing-optional “camp” devoted to a healthy and natural lifestyle (sure).

We are pretty convinced that none of the names used in making this homage to the nudist lifestyle are real, but what does it matter.   The basic story is that roommates Claire (Deborah Spray) and Marta (Sally Parfait), when not working as a “fashion” model and research assistant respectively, like to head over to Camp Sunshine to soak in the sun.


Eventually, a monster in the form of Hugo (Harrison Pebbles) — the camp’s caretaker and mentally-challenged “half-brother” of the owner, Susanna (Natalie Drest) — begins lurking around the place after being exposed to some chemicals from Marta’s research lab (don’t ask).

Bonus features included with this Blu-ray treasure from AGFA include a collection of “nudie-horror” trailers and a bonus feature film, director Joseph P. Mawra’s 1965 film release of All Men are Apes, a “social commentary” about Diane (Stephanie De Passe) who is exploited by men and ends up in jail. 



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