Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mill Creek Entertainment Expands October Release Selections With Nine New DVD Collections That Will Be Consumer-Ready On Oct. 21

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Mill Creek Entertainment continues to expand its array of DVD and Blu-ray product offerings for delivery to consumers with an eye towards building collections with nine additional SKUs … all set for delivery on Oct. 21.

Leading the way are four American History and American War mega-sets, which range in size from nine to 13 discs.   American History Collection: Prelude to Power tackles such subjects as the history of firearms (over 400 years), the history and growth the national railway system, an in-depth look at President Lincoln, the business of petroleum and more.
The American History Collection: Rise from Oppression covers such topics as slavery, Native Americans and black men and women who have served in the military.

American War Collection: Patriots at War covers the period from the Revolutionary War through World War I, while American War Collection: WWII Battle Chest focuses exclusively on World War II and counts among its extensive selection the entire 26-episode Emmy-winning series, Victory at Sea.

For those film fans looking for “instant libraries” there are two new 20-disc, 100-film collections heading to retail on that date.  The first of these is titled 100 Movie Collection: 100 Action Flicks and features the likes of Hercules Unchained (and four additional Hercules classics), five Tarzan films, including Tarzan and The Green Goddess, over 20 war-themed films and 40 Westerns, with half of those starring John Wayne.

The other 20-disc, 100-film set is titled 100 Movie Collection: 100 Family Films and it delivers over 136 hours of family-friendly programming.   From classics —  Gulliver's Travels and Jack and the Beanstalk — to family adventures — Against A Crooked Sky, Seven Alone and Wackiest Wagon Train in the West — there are 100 film treasures to select from (absolutely something for everyone in the family).
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Rounding-out the nine-strong Oct. 21 package are Holiday Gift Set: Movie Collection, a 16-film set that includes Santa Who?, The Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas Story Lady, Scrooge and Noel, A Christmas Without Snow; TV Guide Spotlight: Golden Age of Television, 18-disc set that that includes 40 episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies and selections from such greats as The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Milton Berle Show and Petticoat Junction and last, but not least, we have the TV Guide Spotlight: TV's Greatest Heroes and Legends (also 18-discs), which includes 31-episodes of Bonanza, the complete first seasons of both The Adventures of Robin Hood and Wanted: Dead or Alive … and more!

For a complete listing of all of these new DVD product announcements please visit Mill Creek Entertainment’s web site at Mill Creek Entertainment.

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