Monday, February 23, 2015

Jerry Warren Collection Double Feature On DVD From VCI Entertainment This Coming Apr. 28

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
VCI Entertainment announced this past week that Apr. 28 will be the DVD debut date for The Jerry Warren Collection, Volume Three, a double-feature presentation that contains a pair of hard-to-find prison-themed film classics.

First up is director Carlos Hugo Christiansen’s 1954 black and white prison break thriller, The Violent and the Damned.   Originally filmed in Spanish and shot on location in the jungles of Panama (which was a bit curious in that it was a joint Brazilian/Argentina film production) and titled Mãos Sangrentas, it was subsequently picked up by Jerry Warren’s A.D.P. Pictures, dubbed in English and released theatrically in 1962.  

Brutal and sadistic best describe The Violent and the Damned as a group of prisoners, led by Adriano (English-dubbed as “Rick Marson” — played by legendary Mexican actor Arturo de Córdova, a three-time Silver Ariel Award-winner for Best Actor), savagely murder their guards and escape to the nearby swamp.   After a bloody encounter at a remote village, the pursuing guards simply decide to wait the remaining convicts out … the swamp will deal with them!!!

The double-bill, also an A.D.P. Pictures pick-up, is director Tom Younger’s 1959 (released theatrically in the United States in 1963) made-in-Sweden tale, No Time to Kill, which stars John Ireland as Johnny Greco, a wrongfully-convicted man who served eight long years in prison … and now he’s out of stir with revenge on his mind!  

The trail leads him to, well, Sweden of course, where he plans to frame the man for the crime that he really committed, but is surprised to learn that he’s already dead!   But that’s only the tip of this chilly iceberg as Greco uncovers the real culprit … and that is the shock-of-shockers!!!

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